Zendrian ZX-9 Electric Scooter Long Range


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Open your City Block. Open your World.

Zendrian ZX-9 Long Range Edition

A better scooter for 2021

Folding Design Means the Scooter will Fit Anywhere
One Year Zendrian Manufacturer’s Warranty
Robust 10″ Air-cushion Tires for Smooth and Safe Ride
Unique removable battery design for infinite range

Why ZX-9 is different

It's light. Agile. Can be carried on to the train or placed in the trunk of your car. With Zendrian ZX-9 you can go anywhere your city needs you, without the sweat.

Attention to Detail

Move through the city more smoothly than ever. Hassle free transportation for urbanites.
Fits in a car and can be brought onto the train.

Removable Battery

Getting low on power and no time to charge? Our battery can be swapped in less than 10 seconds with no tools.


ZX-9 Long RangeCompare With

ZX-9 Standard (Light Weight)

Speed32km/h max32km/h max
Distance per Charge35-45 kilometers15-20 kilometers
Time to Charge5-6 hours2.5-3 hours


10" Air-Ride Wheels

Safe to ride over the city’s bumpy walkways, small enough to remain compact for high portability. Air tires provide a safer and more comfortable ride than solid tires, gripping wet pavement on curves and during stops. 10″ wheels also experience almost 30% less wear-and-tear than smaller 8″ wheels, so experience less flats and need replacement less often.

No more range anxiety: Infinite battery life

Many people worry if they’ll have enough power to get home as they switch to electric transportation. That fear is no longer a problem – carry a second, fully charged battery and you can always get back. The battery can be charged while inside the scooter, or remove it and charge separately – eliminating the need to bring the scooter next to a power outlet.

Zendrian is here to stay.

We’ve been designing and building electric scooters and bikes since 2016 and are fully committed to electric transportation as a fundamental way of life in the future. The Zendrian Zx-9 is guaranteed under warranty for 1 year after purchase.

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