Warranty service policy in Thailand

Concerned about after-sales support of your Zendrian, Xiaomi, or Ninebot Scooter in Thailand? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

  1. Contact our service team to begin to determine what the problem is. In many cases we can solve the problem by chat, email or telephone!
  2. If the problem requires further assistance, we’ll tell you where to bring the scooter for closer investigation and repair. We are located near BTS Nana in Sukhumvit part of Bangkok. If you are in another location, we will help to find a repair shop nearby that qualifies.
  3. We stock many replacement and repair parts in Bangkok, and will dispatch the necessary parts to the shop for replacement.
  4. Payment payment for the repair will be handled according to the situation.
    • Items that can wear out, such as inner tubes, tires, and brakes / brake adjustments will be your responsibility to pay for.
    • A failure of the battery under normal wear and tear conditions will be paid at 100% by Zendrian in the first 90 days of ownership, and 50% in the first year of ownership.
    • A failure of any other part will be covered at 100% by Zendrian in the first one year of ownership.
    • You will cover the transportation cost to and from the repair shop.
    • Water or heat damage or any indication of improper usage (such as excessive physical wear) will void the warranty. However, we can still offer all parts at any time!

If you still have any questions about warranty service or how to take care of your new E-Bike or E-Scooter, contact us!

Do you need after-warranty or out of warranty repair and service for your Xiaomi or Ninebot electric scooter? We have a full service repair center and are ready to help.